A.P.C. X Kanye West Collaboration

This morning A.P.C. and Kanye West released a capsule collaboration collection. Considering the huge internet buzz in the lead up to this, i was expecting big things…I was sorely disappointed! Including two pairs of Japanese denim, three tees, two long sleeved hoodies and a short sleeved hoody – the pieces although undeniably utilising quality materials and craftsmanship – are quite frankly a little bit boring. Don’t get me wrong, I am a massive fan of A.P.C., I love their understated and contemporary aesthetic and whilst the collection stays true to this I just think the collaboration should have offered something more. Something more focused and distinctive of both brands. Yes the quality is good, but does one really want to spend €80 on a plain white t-shirt just because it has Kanye West’s name in the label? The sensible answer is a resounding No. But nevertheless, I am sure this collab will fly off the shelves.

APC Hooded Sweatshirt IIAPC Kanye JeansAPC Kanye JeansAPC Hip Hop T-shirtAPC Trippy Symphony T-shirtAPC Hooded SweatshirtAPC Hip Hop T-shirtAPC Hooded Sweatshirt

The collection is available at A.P.C. online and in A.P.C. stores worldwide.

What do you think of the Collaboration?

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