Today I am Wearing

Today I am wearing an Antipodium dress, it’s really versatile and is a great piece for both day and night. Antipodium is a brand that rarely gets it wrong producing tongue-in-cheek, contemporary and subversive designs season after season. This Eastenders print by Chloe Constantinidi exclusively for Antipodium is one of my favourite prints that Antipodium have used so far, it’s wonderfully subtle yet stand-out at the same time.


I have paired this dress with a jacket i bought yesterday from the Goodhood sale. It’s made byLibertine Libertine and i think will become a regular addition to my outfits. It’s loose fitting and has a lovely white seam that runs through the lining.


Finally i’ve worn my YMC sandals again but this time paired them with some sparkly socks from Urban outfitters. Socks and sandals are a great way to add a bit of youthfulness to an outfit and to dress an outfit down.


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